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Welcome to Jai Maa Associates


Jai Maa Associates was founded in 1997, and we are proud to be working in the field of maintenance and consultancy of records under various labour statutes from the last 13 years.

Working under the dynamic leadership of the proprietor Mr. PARVEEN SHARMA is a team of very focused and dedicated professionals with a single aim of providing you with prompt and reliable service.

We have been maintaining the number one position in our field for last many years. This has been possible only because of our honest, reliable and prompt service.

Jai Maa Associates is team of professionals who are having vast experience in this field. We have a team of 10 employees well versed and proficient to attend these jobs.

Jai Maa Associates is a professionally managed organization involved in the field of Labour record, Provident Fund, ESIC maintenance, whereby it has developed an expertise in this fields.

The company since inception has been successfully serving more than 300 clients.

In 1997 Mr. PARVEEN SHARMA got his organization fully computerized and began using software to maintain the records which made the automation better.. Now the company is planning to have all the records online to make their clients able to check their records on the web itself.

   Key Personnel



Bachelor of Commerce 

Professional Experience

15+ Years

 B.Com graduate having more than 15 years of Project Management Experience.
 Having served for more than a whole decade in the field of labour record maintenanceMr.PARVEEN SHARMA has become a priced possession of the company.
 Having gone through years of experience, he has developed an insight for both quality and time.
 With a vast understanding of PF, ESIC, Bonus etc. and his command over the management skills Mr. PARVEEN SHARMA has been contributing invaluably to the      companyís growth.



Bachelor of Arts 

Professional Experience

5+ Years

 With his expertise on PF, ESIC, Bonus etc. Mr. SUDHIR SHARMA has become the part and parcel of all the major projects undertakenby the company.
  Mr.SUDHIR SHARMA, a B.A graduate with 5 years of experience, has been a lead professional with the company.
  Mr. SUDHIR SHARMA, has dedicated most of his career to the field of labour record maintenance.
  He joined the company in 2007 and became a gem for the organization.

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